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NeuroSmog project

The NeuroSmog project aims to establish a relation between exposure to air pollution, behavioral disorders, and changes in the brain in school-aged children. We have gathered behavioral and neuroimaging data from 714 children aged 10-13 years old. We recruited children with ADHD diagnosis as well as case controls (one ADHD case per two population controls). 

The gathered data includes: 

- Data about the air pollution exposure (particular matter with an aerodynamic diameter <10 µm and nitrogen dioxide) 

- Data from psychological evaluation testing cognitive and social functioning of the children 

- Behavioral data testing attention functioning of the children 

- Information about socioeconomic status, pregnancy and post-natal period, general health, habits, education, home, and school environment 

- Functional, structural and diffusion MRI 

Currently epidemiology and neuroimaging teams are working on combining results from cognitive tests which measure attention, air pollution exposure and socioeconomical data to assess impact of exposure to air pollutants on developing brain. 

At the same time neuroimaging team is working on preprocessing pipelines and scripts for the analyses.  

Our protocol paper where you can find specific description of NeuroSmog data is here: 

Other publications can be found here 

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron